You can't control how you experience others, but you can control how they experience you. Whether you're interviewing for your next opportunity or standing in front of a new client, it's all about the experience. Customer Service, Presentation Excellence, Life... Let me move you to be awesome!



The Diamond Experience 

I do two things and I do them well. I train and motivate. If you want to move beyond mediocrity, look no further. The Diamond Experience has been crafted to meet your specific needs making it a fantastic experience and a great investment.

You have the opportunity to enhance your own and your organization’s reputation. When face to face with destiny you've got one opportunity to bring it. My goal is to make you shine!

What I Do... 

  1. Polishing Personal Presentation and Manner
  2. Addressing and Overcoming Speaking/Communication Anxiety
  3. Last-Minute Presentation 911
  4. Executive Presence
  5. Reducing Accents for Clarity and Intelligibility
  6. Improving Vocal Quality
  7. Cultivating a More Effective Communication Style
  8. Incorporating and Interacting with Audio/Visual Aids
  9. Developing Tools for Dynamic Speaking
  10. Sharpening overall Presentation Skills 


Custom Workshops, Programs and Seminars Designed for Your Organization or Event

Change your focus... Change your life...

Best-In-Class Customer Service

  1. What is Customer Service? 
  2. Role of service excellence
  3. What do you have to offer?
  4. Understanding your customers
  5. Providing service excellence
  6. Connecting with customers
  7. Dealing with difficult situations
  8. Boosting your business
  9. Seven Steps to Customer Problem Solving
  10. Presenting Yourself Properly